TransALP 2013 TransBALATON 2014 TransPYRENEY 2014
5700 km 12 countries 2x JAWA 350
When Jawas managed Alps and Italy,
traveling ever farther? We love
challenges and so in the summer of 2014
pending the bikes Made in Czechoslovakia
with approximately 5700 km.
With two Jawa 350, which we already
know, are ideal for short ride
around the chimney, ride western Europe
via Zurich, Barcelona, Paris
and back to Bohemia.
Within two weeks
visit we a total of 12 countries, including
small Monaco or Luxembourg and again
Alps, next to the Pyrenees twice time.
Together with our new partner will go Mr. PAV 40
and hopefully it will not be problems
with gendarmes in St. Tropez.
Media partners
Humpolec (cz) - Linz (at) - München (de) - Zürich (ch) - Genova (it) - Marseille (fr) - Barcelona (es)
Zaragoza (es) - Burgos (es) - Bordeaux (fr) - Le Mans (fr) - Paris (fr) - Nürnberg (de) - Humpolec (cz)

Expedition partners

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